【2019在学生インタビュー】 ジャリロブ アクバルさん(会計学研究科 博士後期課程 ) - MEIKEI NAVI - 名古屋経済大学

【2019在学生インタビュー】 ジャリロブ アクバルさん(会計学研究科 博士後期課程 )




1) Purposes of studying in Japan

There are two main purposes that I wanted to gain through studying abroad in Japan. The first is to learn about “Japanese economic development”. When I was a student, I learned about the economic growth rates of the world’s developed countries and the world company rankings. When the Heisei era began in Japan, Japanese companies were accounted for 14 of the top 20 global companies in over the world.  Furthermore, I wanted to solve the naive question “why” and did a survey. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reasonable answer. So, after graduating from a university in my home country, I studied abroad in Japan and I strongly felt that I wanted to learn about the Japanese economy.

The second is to learn about “Japanese society”. I often heard that “Japan is the ruling country” from a friend who returned to Japan after having studied in Japan. For example, in Japan it may be natural, but “Japanese people keep their promises firmly” and “Red lights do not cross the road even if the car does not come”. The story from a friend felt like a dream story for me who had never seen Japanese society with my own eyes. As I listened to the story, I decided to study abroad as I wanted to learn not only the Japanese economy but also the characteristics of Japanese society and want to experience it.





2) Current learning situation and future goals

After enrolling in the graduate school of the Nagoya University of Economics in April of 2017, I have been actively working on conference presentations, research meetings, and dissertation writing. For example, in September we participated in a seminar on the theme of “Sustainable Development Goals”. Also, as a member of the Japan Society for International Development, in November, I gave my presentation at a national convention. Besides, at the same time, we participated in the youth international forum in Egypt and exchanged opinions.

My future goal is, as a doctoral student enrolled from this year, I would like to present and submit articles at international conferences and to conduct further research and research to complete my doctoral dissertation.

After graduation, I would like to join a globally expanding Japanese company and contribute to the well-being of people around the world.





 3) Advice for prospective graduate students

If you wish to go on to graduate school and wish to deepen your research, we strongly recommend that you pursue your study at graduate school at the Nagoya University of Economics.

Our graduate school offers not only research in specialized fields, but also support for scholarships and job hunting activities, and our seniors will be kind to you. Please do not hesitate to advance to this university.




「名経の1時限目の授業開始は9:30。1時限目に間に合うには何時の電車に乗ればいいの?」 そんな疑問にお答えします!!